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I want to stress that all the art on this website and for this project is FAN art and meant to be an homage to a toyline that was an incredible part of my childhood. Hasbro owns the copyright on these characters and their design.


August 25th, 2017


After even MORE hard work this newest gift box design is complete! This was by far my most ambitious design, and only 40 will be available. Everything was designed from scratch, inspired by the original Coastal Defender toy from 1987. The box has the ability to transform back and forth between display mode (pictured here) and box mode. In box mode it can hold up to nine packs. You can buy the box on it’s own, or you can buy it loaded up with all of the packs so far too! Which makes a remarkable gift, documenting the G.I. Joe ARAH series from 1982-1987.

August 15th, 2017


After a lotta hard work the 1987 packs are now available in the GIJOE365 ONLINE STORE. I did the smart thing of producing both packs at the same time so you can save on shipping and not have to wait! Each 1987 packs is filled with a whopping 25 cards, and some stickers! This brings the total amount of unique figure cards up to 152, capturing every single figure created for the G.I. Joe ARAH line from 1982-1987 so far. Head over to the store and take a look at the CARD PACKS SECTION!


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