TLDR; The store is still open!

(Updated as of September 23rd 2019)

What the heck’s goin on around here?

I'm currently doing a bunch of maintenance to things related to my online shop and the website so you may have noticed perhaps a redirect from the old URL (subdomain "store") that brought you here.

Where’d the store go?

Nothin to fret over, and my store is still up and functional and you can find all my G365 related things here: HERE.

Ecwid? What the heck is that?

I have always powered my store via Ecwid from the time I launched it, you just might not have noticed until you actually purchased an item because I had all my product browsing integrated right here into the “store” page on the GIJOE365 website. Well in recent times Ecwid have upped their game, with new and better functionality and integrations, I am trying to follow suit.

Cool cool, but how can I buy your stuff??

When you click the link that I mentioned above above, or HERE, (or down below on this page where the store items used to be) you will be taken to GIJOE365 section of my store, but in addition you’ll have access to all the OTHER things I do as well (some or all of which you may have not even know that I do!).

OTHER stuff?

Yep, it’s true that the GIJOE365 Project is just one of many things I have on the go. It’s quite possibly you have no idea about anything I do beyond this project because of how much of a life of it’s own G365 has taken on! Plus the fact I only ever had the products SPECIFIC to this project visible on the store section of this site. But the fact is, I’ve been doing art and design work for many years now and when you head over to the new Ecwid-powered “instant site” for my store, you’ll be able to browse ALL my wares, which is much more than just my G365 stuff. Go check it out!